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Black Santa (Nick Nicholson)

Black Santa is the people’s Santa! He lives in his high-tech, Black Santa Company compound in the South Pole, but he hates the cold! He likes being among the people in the community, because Black Santa feels that giving should be a year-round tradition.


Mrs. C (Cecilia Nicholson)

A science and math whiz who runs her own business, Mrs. C also happens to be Black Santa’s beloved wife. Her mission is to spread love in the world, and Valentine’s Day is her holiday! In fact, she was born on February 14th!


The Three Snowmen

Santa’s three best pals! The Snowmen are always getting into trouble as they chase their dream of becoming music superstars! They love watching games with Santa, shooting pick up hoops, and mixing tracks with the Man in Red in the compound’s music center.


Fire and Ice

The baddest of the Holiday Haters, Fire and Ice despise Christmas cheer! Ice is in charge—cool and collected. Fire is the enforcer, with a temper that sparks in a flash! They live to destroy all the good will and blessings Black Santa and his friends work to spread around the world.


Big Kev

Kev is Santa’s most trusted advisor and main man, who always keeps him looking fresh and always keeps it real. Kev loves to chop it up on sports, relationships, life lessons… and he’s always got a punchline ready sharper than his clippers!



Big Kev’s teenage son, Wave is the best DJ in the South Pole! Wave lives for music, hoping to be a big-time producer one day. Wave loves chillin’ with the other elves, and if he’s not mixing in the studio, you’ll catch him on his skateboard, rolling through the compound.



The compound’s huge, goofy, upbeat accountant, Chilly is anything but your average bear! He’s a whiz with finances and a supreme workaholic, who doesn’t even hibernate, he’s so busy crunching numbers! He’s all about making sure Black Santa has his paper straight.


Professor Penguin

Professor Penguin lives to learn and finds joy in passing on knowledge through teaching, especially teaching youngsters! There’s little he doesn’t know, and he is the go-to guy for any question that needs answering or problem that might need solving in the South Pole.


Autumn the Thanksgiving Spirit

Autumn is young, driven, and focused on her life’s ambition—to become a world famous chef! At the compound, she makes all the incredible food that keeps the staff cheery and energized. There’s always a little magic in her recipes, and when she cooks, her whole kitchen comes to life!


Neil the Navy Seal

Neil is the head of security at the compound, who protects the South Pole from the threat of the Holiday Haters. He is as tough as they come, with years of experience as the Navy Seal’s first, actual seal cadet! Neil might come off hard as nails, but kids will always be his one, big soft spot.


The Snow Girls

A trio of fun, young, up-and- coming R&B super-starlets, the Snow Girls are soulful, determined, and love to chill and make music with Wave. They are incredibly competitive with The Three Snowmen…but they know the guys can’t even touch their flow!


Dr. Ira Shoemaker

Black Santa’s therapist, Ira is the only person Santa lets his cheery guard down with to get real about all the pressure and responsibility weighing on him in trying to bring joy to so many people each day.


Misty The Mistletoe, Stella The Star, Flurry The Snowflake

Misty, Stella, and Flurry are three holiday spirits who embody the childlike wonder and magic that the season is all about. They zip throughout the world secretly making everyone’s holiday just a little brighter.


The Three Snow Women

Mrs. C’s team of executive officers who help her run her company, The Snow Women are Mrs. C’s homegirl crew! During business hours, they work hard, but when the time is right and the music’s bumpin’, they play even harder!


The Rein Crew (TRC)

A dance crew of reindeer who bust moves like you’ve never seen! They’re hipsters for sure, and they know they’ve got swag and are happy to let you know too! But for all the smack they talk, they back their words up with dope skills as the best crew in any Pole!


The Elfingtons

The hardest workers in the South Pole, the Elfingtons love making music just as much as they love making toys. They prefer to jam out to throw back jazz and R&B sounds, always keeping it smooth.

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